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  • 011. Episode Eleven - With Randy King. Self-confidence and self-defense coach on setting boundaries, self-confidence and why we have to speak up and speak out about #notallmen and #metoo.

  • 010. Episode ten - With Robert Manolson. Why we are daring to change the conversation around mental well-ness.

  • 009. Episode Nine With Damon Nailer. Aligning your life to be in integrity in every area.

  • 008. Episode Eight - With Morgan Berry. What does the strong and vulnerable man of 2021 look like?

  • 007. Episode Seven - with Kelly Wheadon. I am not defined by my name or my gender or my past.  I am as I define myself.

  • 006. Episode Six - With Angelo Tirhas. What Problem Can I Solve? 

  • 005. Episode Five - With Carolynne Melnyk. How did I get here?

  • 004. Episode Four - With Tara Lee Ayotte. How? With Sound of course! / Love,  Light and Setting Yourself Free.

  • 003. Episode Three - With Brenda Jones. Success Can Be Found Anywhere – Even in a Restroom?

  • 002. Episode Two - With Earl Shindruk. Small Town Values have a BIG Impact during the Pandemic; Listen to how you might apply them in your own Biz.

  • 001. Episode One - With Kristen Vaccher. How can we expect people to accept all the parts of us... if we don't tell them the truth of who we are?

  • 000. Episode Zero - With Candice Smiley. Trust the Niggle; Tell the Truth

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