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  • 020. Episode Twenty - With Zac Klassen “You create success with skills. You sustain success with traits. You grow success with beliefs.”

  • 019. Episode Nineteen - With Ruthann Weeks. Serious solutions and serious conversations: domestic violence in Canada and employer solutions 

  • 018. Episode Eighteen - With Sheetal Story. Soothe yourself with thoughts that feel "real" to you where you are. Whatever works to find that feeling of relief, ease, confidence, the best you can think and feel now.

  • 017. Episode Seventeen - With Donna James. A candid discussion about love, life, spousal abuse and starting over.

  • 014. Episode Fourteen - With Tanya West. Four time cancer survivor gets real about what it takes to heal herself.

  • 011. Episode Eleven - With Randy King. Self-confidence and self-defense coach on setting boundaries, self-confidence and why we have to speak up and speak out about #notallmen and #metoo.

  • 010. Episode ten - With Robert Manolson. Why we are daring to change the conversation around mental well-ness.

  • 009. Episode Nine With Damon Nailer. Aligning your life to be in integrity in every area.

  • 008. Episode Eight - With Morgan Berry. What does the strong and vulnerable man of 2021 look like?

  • 007. Episode Seven - with Kelly Wheadon. I am not defined by my name or my gender or my past.  I am as I define myself.

  • 006. Episode Six - With Angelo Tirhas. What Problem Can I Solve? 

  • 005. Episode Five - With Carolynne Melnyk. How did I get here?

  • 004. Episode Four - With Tara Lee Ayotte. How? With Sound of course! / Love,  Light and Setting Yourself Free.

  • 003. Episode Three - With Brenda Jones. Success Can Be Found Anywhere – Even in a Restroom?

  • 002. Episode Two - With Earl Shindruk. Small Town Values have a BIG Impact during the Pandemic; Listen to how you might apply them in your own Biz.

  • 001. Episode One - With Kristen Vaccher. How can we expect people to accept all the parts of us... if we don't tell them the truth of who we are?

  • 000. Episode Zero - With Candice Smiley. Trust the Niggle; Tell the Truth

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