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Episode 070

Healing and Overcoming

with Victoria Rader

Candice Smiley is a mom, a podcaster and an essentialist living in a 250 square feet home filled with love, healing and true empowerment of the one who has overcome. Living fully after sexual assaults, relationship with a narcissistic romantic partner, recovering from significant unexpected bad debt Candice rebuilt her life, her credit and her trust in herself. Candice's story of healing and overcoming is vulnerable hope giving genuine and timely. Candice Smiley is a voice for trusting the niggle and this is her story.


[1:35] 2 years of sexual assaults

[7:26] Took a decision of not killing herself

[11:16] Listen to your child when he's telling you "about a friend" story

[13:11] $350,000 of debt

[20:29] "Red flags"

[23:58] Left her marriage to fall in love with herself

[29:53] Message to the past self

[32:16] Message from the future self


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Welcome to All About The Voice podcast where we focus on awareness, alignment, action, and abundance. Some call it intuition. Some call it Spirit. Some call it the sixth sense. Some call it the divine prompting. We call it the Voice. You have experienced the peace of when you have followed it, and you have definitely experienced the consequences of ignoring it. Victoria Rader, our host presents this freeing and empowering Voice phenomenon via four aspects: 1- Awareness - our ability to hear the Voice. 2 - Alignment - our choice to listen to the Voice. 3 - Action - our practice in following the Voice. 4 - Abundance - our result of living our life as guided by the Voice. Join Victoria and her guests in exploring and expanding your awareness, alignment, action and abundance in All About The Voice. Victoria Rader PhD, Possibility Coach, Transformational Speaker and Founder of YU2SHINE, provides individuals and audiences with powerful shortcuts to identify and free their inner potential, so that they can turn what they think is impossible to possible, probable, and profitable.


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Victoria Rader


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