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Episode 075

The Journey with Candice Smiley

with Erin Hodgson & Ellie Bell

Bigger, braver, bolder conversations with women who want to change the world.


From the moment we met, the wise women within us knew that we were supposed to do this together.

We each, independently, had come to the realization that every moment in our lives had been in preparation for this awakening. For the rise of the wise woman inside us, the deep knowing we are here for more, and a growing understanding that more means bigger, braver, bolder than we could ever have imagined.

As a qualified empowerment coach, Ellie knows how important it is for women to have space to examine belief systems and the stories we tell ourselves, to understand themselves better, and in turn heal the wounds of the past so that they may break the cycles that have held them back.

With vast experience running online group coaching programs, Ellie has the skills and experience necessary to support women through their spiritual awakening and healing. To Learn More



Connect with Erin Hodgson & Ellie Bell:

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