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Episode 071

Living Life Your Way

with Erin O'Donoghue

Erin O’Donoghue is a coach and mindset mentor, recovering over thinker and imperfect human on a mission to live an intentional life and support others along the way. She’s all about mind, body, soul healing and supporting people to be their best, in life and work. 


With a background in Human Resources, Strategy and Innovation, Erin left the corporate world in 2018 to start her own business. Since then, she's been undoing a lot of ingrained habits and behaviours, particularly the heavy reliance on the masculine energy of doing, achieving and hustling. These days she leans much more into the feminine energy of flow, creativity, receiving and trusting her intuition. As she’s more deeply connected to herself and her purpose she now realises that her diverse experience, multi passionate approach and inability to fit in a box is her super power!

This episode we dive into some deep conversations about what it means to live life our own way including:


  • Trusting the niggle

  • The journey of healing from trauma, including holding ourselves during healing and emerging on the other side.

  • Radical forgiveness, acceptance, grace, self-compassion and self-love

  • Embracing the dark days.

  • How we’re (literally) putting ourselves in boxes.

  • The concept of essentialism (have what you want, but have less, so you can have better) including living in a tiny home and who and what you surround yourself with.

  • The anxiety of things (possessions).

  • Doing things that don’t make sense to other people, but knowing it’s right for you, by tuning into what we want and what makes us happy. Setting boundaries with people when they express their “concern” because your choices make them uncomfortable.

  • The lie we’ve been told about how we’re supposed to be living our life

  • Embracing the duality and contradictions of life (eg. The masculine and feminine, the yin and yang that we all have within us).

  • Why we both think it’s important to share our stories, especially the messy beautiful bits.

  • Not being modeled healthy intimate relationships when we’re growing up, including the different types of love, how to love and what “good” love looks like.


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“21 years ago I survived a sexual assault from my boyfriend. 

14 years ago I decided not to kill myself. 

11 years ago I was left with 350 k worth of bad debt. 

9 years ago I walked away rather than endure sexual coercion and harassment from my boss.

7 years ago I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world. 

5 years ago I left my marriage to fall in love with myself.

3 years ago I allowed myself to fully heal and reconnect with my feminine; 

2 years ago I rebuilt my life, moved into my own tiny home and found my Lifetime Love. 

Last year, I started my podcast and welcomed my baby boy earth side."


Candice is a mom, podcaster, social marketer and essentialist who loves to engage in interesting conversations with other influencers and entrepreneurs.  Her favourite conversations are the ones that take courage to engage in.  (Check out her podcast, Create the Ripple Podcast)


She has learned the power of saying no, listening to your own heart and speaks openly about subtle abuse as it occurs in relationships - personally and professionally.   She’s become a voice for listening to your own truth and speaking it clearly, powerfully - at home, at work and in your life.  She spends her time living - in a tiny home (250 sq ft), traveling, speaking and sharing candidly with others how to live life after betrayal, to trust themselves, to speak up for themselves and set powerful boundaries. 


After a narcissistic partner cheated on her with multiple women, left her (and the country!) With over 350 thousand dollars worth of bad debt, Candice was forced to rebuild her life, her credit and her trust in herself. Coming out of this, she encountered her own “Me Too” moment dealing with sexual coercion and harassment in her professional life; saying no resulted in her being the target of gossip that tarnished her reputation. 


Deeply affected by the gaslighting and the experiences, she adopted a minimalist lifestyle, leaned on her personal network and practiced radical personal forgiveness, acceptance and responsibility.  The journey was not without its impact and Candice shares powerfully about dealing with anxiety, depression, shame and learning to let go.


When grief rocked her world a little less than 2 years ago, Candice knew it was time to stop her life, hit the pause button and finally do the deep work to heal her heart, self and mindset.  Emerging from this place, Candice has begun to embrace her fierce and receptive feminine nature.  The journey to be and embrace all the parts of herself has led her to the place to start her wildly successful Create the Ripple Podcast; Trust the Niggle and Tell the Truth - where she features other amazing guests who are not afraid to do the hard work of personal development, listen to their own minds/heart and then speak up and out for those things that matter; to themselves and to make a difference in the world.


Candice loves her essentialist lifestyle for the beauty and freedom it offers her.  She can never resist the urge to take off her boots to walk barefoot into a clear mountain lake or stream. When she is not connecting or writing, she can be found disappearing into the backcountry trails of Canada with her life-love Mark and losing herself exploring waterfalls and mountain trails. She is a quiet introvert who adores eating clean foods and reading a great book.  


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