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Episode 079

A chat with my ex-boyfriend ? | Do we have free will? People reinvent themselves. Why and how can this happen? And other random questions.

with James Leigh

In 2020 a life partner and I decided to break up.  The resulting grief from that decision spiraled me into one of the deepest healing times of my life (14 weeks to be exact!) ... The eventual result of this healing is the life I am living now, and the podcast you are listening to! Have a listen as James and I turn on the camera and wander through some big idea questions with a lot of humor and fun included. 


James is a father, mortgage broker, former car salesman, former manager of a large car leasing portfolio in Edmonton, Alberta and a part time musician (guitar slinger for his brother, David Jukebox Leigh). He is a regular athlete studying Kung fu under Phil Woo of Alberta Shaolin Kung fu Academy, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Frontline Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Sherwood Park, Alberta, lover of all things food related and an avid reader. 


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Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss


Feminine Balance Coach - Juey Ann Macleod


Sam Harris


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“20 years ago I survived years of sexual assault from my boyfriend.

14 years ago I decided not to kill myself.

11 years ago I was left with 350 k worth of bad debt and ruined credit.

9 years ago I went into Consumer Proposal and began to clean up the mess.

7 years ago I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world.

5 years ago I left my marriage to fall in love with myself.

3 years ago I allowed myself to fully heal and reconnect with my feminine;

2 years ago I rebuilt my life, moved into my own tiny home and found my Lifetime Love.

Last year, I started my podcast and welcomed my baby boy earth side."

Candice is a mom, podcaster and essentialist who loves to engage in courageous conversations, especially about truth, trust and boundaries. (Check out her podcast, Create the Ripple Podcast)

She has learned the power of saying no and speaks openly about subtle abuse as it occurs in relationships - personally and professionally. Knowing that peace, freedom and integrity start inside, Candice is an advocate for knowing your own truth and speaking it clearly and powerfully - at home, at work and to yourself.

After a narcissistic partner cheated on her with multiple women, left her (and the country!) with over 350 thousand dollars worth of bad debt, Candice was forced to rebuild her life, her credit and, most importantly, her trust in herself. The journey was not without its impact and Candice shares powerfully about dealing with anxiety, shame and learning to let go. Now, as a self proclaimed Essentialist, she’s leading a big life while living in a tiny home (324 sq ft), with her Love, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat.

When grief rocked her world in 2020, Candice knew it was time to finally do the deeper healing work she had been putting off and change her negative patterns for good. Emerging from this place, Candice now embraces her wild, fierce and receptive feminine nature. The journey to be and embrace all the parts of herself has led her to the place to start her wildly successful Create the Ripple Podcast; Trust the Niggle and Tell the Truth - where she features guests who are living in their truth and integrity.


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