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The Best Social Media Time Savers!

This is for all of my work-from-home moms, solepreneaurs and mompreneaurs.

I started my entrepreneurial career as an event planner. I moved from this to doing marketing for events, to owning my own multimedia company. I have tried so many different ideas, planners and apps to make the most of my social media time.

To Get Immediate Access to the LINKS click here.

A note for transparency: I do use my website to create income, and therefore there are affiliate links included in most of my posts, which means if you click/purchase, I may make a commission from that - at no cost to you. Check out my DISCLOSURE for more. Thank you for supporting me!

My First Impressions

It is so noisy in the online space. There are so many ideas and "new and shiny" to pull your attention.

The first thing I noticed about this online social media support was how ORGANIZED it was. From the stories, to the layouts, to the affiliate center back end. This is not someone who saw one "click funnel" event and then saw an opportunity to make money; no, these were real business owners who implemented these strategies and then shared them.

The next thing I noticed was the next level professionalism that is present through their website and social media. They have spent time, money and energy to perfect their own brand and promote it.

Thirdly, they have their own app. For me, that showed they are not just content creators but rather, they are invested in their project and staying in tune with trends. (Kind of important in the social media space!)

How Have I Tested This?

Well first, I paid the little fee and downloaded the Content Calendar in 2019. I was impressed with the detail then, and still am now. I have used and reused this calendar so many times in the last 3-4 years.

I have also shared it more times that I can count, and this was BEFORE I realized I could become an affiliate of this program.

Why? Because the content calendar is brilliant.

And the company is STILL growing and adding to their offerings every single year.

Pros and Cons



1) social media posts

2) daily post reminders

3) an app

4) cheatsheets

5) monthly post ideas

6) access to blogs specific for posting ideas and MORE

7) content calendar (my FAV)

8) viral pin e-book

9) its easy to access and pertinent



A small cost for each service

The old trade-your-email- for something

You may buy it and then not use it

Maybe it's not the prefect fit for you

There are other alternatives out there for sure, so please make sure you do a little google search to see fit that's better for you, your audience and your brand. For example - Try Fiverr. They offer an incredible resource and source of social media content creation and services regarding the same. Click here to get 10% off your first Fiverr order .

The Final Score

I give this a 5 out of 5.

Ultimately if you are going to be doing your own social media, you want to be paying for something that will help you stay current, stay top of mind, be cost effective and that saves you money. Oh, and time. It has GOT to be simple and effective to save you time. (The non-renewable resource!)

Even, better if the content is being created by people who are excited to continue to deliver great content for you... and driven to since they want you to keep downloading it!

If you are looking for a professional one-stop-done-for-you-do-it-yourself social media content site with an app, that is always adding great new content, created by another small business person - then this is the website for you.

I know I'll be continuing to refer the social media content calendar and the viral pin e-book. (Like, did you know that Pinterest is STILL a thing and growing in 2022?)

Take a moment, click the buttons, check out the links. You'll be seriously glad you did. ❤️

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