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By Intention or By Default?

As I was deleting over 4.9 K friends off facebook my mind wandered. I watched the app I installed systematically go through name by name. It was a candid walk down memory lane. Some names inspired a smile, some caused my face to darken. Some caused surprise - wait, who? I’m still friends with that person? Or wait - omg - I haven’t connected with that person in FOREVER!

And the bigger questions - was it by intention or by default?


Who are they?

Who are they to me?

Who was I when I allowed them in?


What do they do?

What do they offer to me?

What do I offer to them?

What was my intent or purpose when we aligned?

What was going on in my life?

What was I doing/thinking/believing?


Why did I?

Why did they?

Why did we?


When was this?

Systematically deleting or archiving all of my posts from the present to July 2009 (when I became active on FB) was like wandering backwards through my own timeline. Observing my own evolution. What had changed - mindsets, ideas, thought processes, groups, alignments… and what had stayed the same… mindsets, ideas, thought processes, groups and alignments.

As I let go, let go, let go, and let go - I felt freer and freer and lighter.

More open.

More creative.

And I wondered… just how long had I really been resisting the flow FROM facebook.

How much did "should" play into that?

Grateful, yes, for the connections and the blessings that came though the platform. The friends I made, the things I’d learned…

And the bliss at letting it go.


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