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Why didn't I leave sooner? (Personal Blog)

I had no idea it would be so cathartic to leave facebook. The more posts I archived and deleted, the freer I felt.

I got into my jeep for a drive mid process and found myself tearing up. I was feeling so much relief. How long had I been feeling this much angst about Facebook? And, the question really isn’t “why did I leave facebook” but rather, “why didn’t I leave sooner?”.

I didn’t leave sooner because of a deep-seated scarcity belief. I felt I needed facebook - or rather the abundance of connections on there. And, whoa, wait, yes… gawd, yes, I love my network - that’s not what I am saying. But I didn't allow myself the freedom to close down or leave a platform that gave me access to some of that network because I was afraid.

I am slowly, daily… cracking open this scarcity belief, lovingly releasing it layer upon layer, upon layer as I find it's insidious effect on every single area of my life. Love. Life. Money. Business.

I have observed over the last few years that it is the letting go, saying no to, the stopping or the walking away from that usually opens me, leads me to, or offers to me the most wonderful of life.

If I hadn’t left my government job all those years ago (and the safety of steady pay check) I wouldn’t have seen, experienced or accomplished as much as I have in my career and in my life.

If I hadn’t broken up with the guy or left the marriage or been brave enough to say, “this or better”, I would not have the love, baby(ies) or the life I do now.

If I had not closed the door, sold the car, sold the house or let go of all the things, I would not be who, or where I am today.

As I minimize the stuff, distractions and detour potentials in my life - the opportunity for the life I REALLY WANT TO LIVE becomes more and more of a reality. It is almost paradoxical isn’t it?

For me it feels like relief.

To me it almost seems like magic.

For me it opens up more space for creativity, thought and growth.

And of course this point. Time. Time. Time. Time.

That thing that cannot be managed, controlled, slowed or stopped in any way.

Stealer of moments and life.

What is most important for me to be investing in right now?

For years I subscribed to the cult of busy…

And I am. So. done. With that.

Less. is. more.

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