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What makes women CEOs different

Numerous studies have demonstrated that businesses with a greater proportion of women in leadership roles are more lucrative, more socially conscious, as well as offer better, higher-quality consumer experiences, amongst other advantages.

Naturally, there is a compelling moral case to be made for greater diversity among top management teams. However, the present research is significantly more restricted when it comes to an understanding of why having more female leaders is connected with improved business outcomes and the exact mechanisms underlying those positive improvements.

We've compiled a list of characteristics that women possess that distinguish them as CEOs; have a look!

Women exhibit superior leadership qualities

Referring to a national Pew Research Center Social and Demographic Trends poll, 2,250 respondents rated women as superior to or equal to men in seven of the eight major leadership attributes tested.

According to the survey's core data, 50% of respondents believe women are more honest than men, while 20% believe men are more honest. 38% believe women are smarter than males in terms of IQ, while only 14% believe men are smarter. Women were evaluated higher for their compassion, outgoingness, and creativity in the remaining circumstances.

Women are tenacious

Girls are socialized to be collegial, collaborative, and relationship-oriented (nurturing and caring), whereas boys are socialized to be more competitive. They live in a dualistic universe of success and failure. Becoming a mother teaches empathy and tolerance in dealing with several challenging situations at home. Women are known to cope better with stress and recover more quickly than men in the face of hardship.

These characteristics are critical when coping with volatile market situations and client-related difficulties.

Women leaders have a broader perspective

Great leaders must see beyond the mundane aspects of their profession and business. Women CEOs excel at driving success by understanding the broader picture and assisting employees in getting there.

As women executives sort out which aspects are critical and which may be overlooked in order to attain the broader picture, they help everyone at the organization see the path more clearly. Women leaders can create and accomplish enormously helpful big-picture goals given the opportunity.

They are cooperative members of a team

Women as CEOs inspire their followers. In comparison to men, who are typically lone wolves, women are more caring and assist team members in developing personally and professionally. They facilitate effective cooperation among team members, recognizing the enormous strength and purpose inherent in a joint endeavor.

They have an innate passion for the success of the firm as a whole, a feature that fosters collaboration across the organization and aids in the implementation of a new mindset within the business.


Having more women on the board of directors results in a 42% increase in sales returns, a 66% increase in return on invested capital, and a 53% increase in return on equity. The shares of Yahoo rose 5.7% to close at $16.67, its highest level in almost a year after its new CEO, Marissa Mayer, unveiled her strategy for the ailing company.

In many cases, these high success rates might be attributed to excellent communication abilities. When it comes to conveying one's thoughts and feelings, women speak less than men, yet they actually have a superior command of the language.

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