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What is the social selling index?

LinkedIn's Social Selling Index score is a tool that allows network users to track their social sales progress. It's an excellent instrument for determining areas where you can boost your profile.

The index is ranked according to four criteria:

  • Establish a credible brand

  • Find the appropriate people

  • Engagement with insights

  • Build strong relationships

Each of the three categories is discussed in greater detail below.

Establish a credible brand

Bear in mind that branding is not exclusive to businesses. It is also intended for professionals. This section of the LinkedIn SSI evaluates your ability to build a brand on the platform. This involves how well you explain your job skills, expertise, and education, among other things. Additionally, you can strengthen your brand through material that demonstrates thought leadership.

Find the appropriate people

What does this entail? How do you find the proper people? LinkedIn strives to link you with people who will gain from your actions and offerings. That is why you should always strive to add value first while engaging in a discussion or other type of interaction.

Engagement with insights

The third category quantifies the worth of your content by examining the engagement rates of your postings. This occurs naturally as a result of producing valuable posts. Users should be able to acquire and exchange valuable information to develop or nurture relationships, as per LinkedIn. Returning to the previous category, do not be scared to reach out and share industry expertise with another professional brand!

Build strong relationships

LinkedIn is fundamentally a social media site. As such, developing and maintaining relationships is critical. Whether you're conducting your own searches or utilizing a platform like Zopto to generate leads, you'll want to establish relationships with all of the important individuals in the firm with which you're interested in collaborating.

How critical is SSI?

The SSI score is a proxy for the effectiveness of your social selling initiatives. However, how critical is it? Let's take a peek at some LinkedIn statistics to find out. They estimate the following:

  • Seventy-eight percent of social sellers outperform their non-social competitors.

  • Individuals with high SSI scores generate 45% more opportunities than those with low scores.

  • Social sellers with a high SSI score are more likely to meet their sales targets by 51%.

Clearly, individuals with higher SSI scores are more likely to generate new leads and revenues.

Is SSI worth the cost?

LinkedIn's SSI scores recently vanished behind the Sales Navigator paywall, then quickly resurfaced. If the SSI is once again placed behind a paywall and you're unsure whether it's worth paying for, consider how frequently you use LinkedIn and how frequently you wish to use it.

If you and your organization are constantly on LinkedIn, particularly for the aim of identifying and contacting sales prospects, it may be worthwhile to pay for! Hopefully, this post about LinkedIn's SSI feature was informative. If you contemplate implementing this tool in your business, you definitely won't be disappointed!

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