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What is a good social selling index?

The SSI score, also referred to as "The LinkedIn Social Selling Index," is a numerical value that indicates how effectively you are utilizing your LinkedIn profile for sales and branding prospects. It assigns a numerical value to your labor on a range of one to one hundred. LinkedIn stated that social selling specialists with better scores closed 45 percent more sales over a year than their competitors with lesser LinkedIn social selling index scores.

How may your SSI score be increased?

LinkedIn categorizes your SSI into four groups. These categories are intrinsically linked to the utilization of features and tools. To improve your SSI score, keep a consistent presence on the feed and LinkedIn groups, produce content and remark on others' postings, and build strong ties.

Additionally, you can purchase LinkedIn Sales Navigator. As per LinkedIn, if you utilize Sales Navigator's capabilities consistently to develop lead lists and send messages to sales targets, these actions will increase your SSI by up to 20% in six months.

The page describes each of its four SSI score categories as follows:

  • Creating a professional brand

  • Finding the appropriate individuals

  • Become involved with insights

  • Relationship building

Additionally, the useful feature contrasts your total score to the average overall score of people in your business and network, providing context for your ranking.

Creating a professional brand

Always keep the customer in mind when filling out your profile. By publishing significant pieces, you can establish yourself as a thought leader. The first segment is entirely focused on you. It's your profile photo, your title, and your description.

To enhance this score, you must guarantee that your profile is modified regularly and that you populate your page with pertinent information about you and your company. A decent headshot and branded cover image have been shown to enhance page engagement. Improving your page and increasing user engagement can boost your professional brand score on the SSI.

Finding the appropriate individuals

Which individuals will truly contribute to your network? Individuals who have the potential to become prospects, clients, candidates, collaborators, or affiliated ambassadors. Certainly, you should not accept or request everybody, but you should continue to grow your network intelligently: LinkedIn loves this.

How would you go about doing that? Two critical information elements must be present for your approach to be effective.

  • Utilize LinkedIn search or Sales Navigator search to locate the appropriate individuals on LinkedIn.

  • Send connection requests and automated communications to your prospects to rapidly expand your network.

Become Involved with Insights

Once you've established your professional brand and begun connecting with the relevant individuals, the next stage is to seek out and share conversation-worthy updates to establish and grow relationships.

This component of the LinkedIn Social Selling Index tracks your engagement, or the number of shares, likes, and comments on your posts. Interacting with information is an excellent technique to attract the industry pros you wish to connect and collaborate with.

Many people have resorted to the post type "comment if you wish to accept this offer" to expand their network. You can expand your reach and encourage more people to connect with your material by providing value. Then, you may connect with them and use your insights to participate in their material.

  • To aid in the development of trust and engagement, you should:

  • Keep an eye out for relevant industry or topic hashtags.

  • Join and participate in relevant groups.

  • Leave comments and likes on other people's posts.

  • Create unique posts and distribute them via the newsfeed and groups.

  • Share, like, and comment on other people's posts.

  • Take action on your notifications.

  • Utilize an InMail in conjunction with LinkedIn Premium.

Relationship building

LinkedIn evaluates your ability to connect with and expand your professional network. This entails developing and creating trusted connections with high-position decision-makers or prospects. A broader network gives you more clout when identifying new contacts and prospective clients. Your score will increase in tandem with the growth of your ties and interactions.

As already said, LinkedIn asserts that the better a user's SSI score is, the more probable a person or business is to achieve their sales objectives. While SSI cannot guarantee higher sales performance, it can assist you in establishing a relationship between your networking activities, sales opportunities, and prospective clients.

Finally, the information provided by your SSI provides a more holistic view of your social performance, allowing you to re-examine your marketing initiatives in relation to your brand and target demographic.

The verdict

Regardless of how critical you believe LinkedIn's Social Selling Index Score is, attempting to boost it will simply result in increased sales opportunities. If you apply any of the things above regularly, you're definitely on your way to being a more effective social seller.

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