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Trust Yourself

My life took on a magical quality when I finally learned to trust myself. And, after years of putting other's needs and wants ahead of my own, learning to listen to myself and trust my needs was not easy. I am a recovering people pleaser and I have made a lot of decisions in my life to make other people comfortable. I am slowly learning to first know myself, and set up some beautiful boundaries to protect my time and energy... Again, no easy feat, but I am a huge advocate for choosing your "hard"...

Have trouble trusting yourself? Other people? Next steps? Maybe I can help... More from me....

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Most individuals regard trust as an abstract term, which is unfortunate because trust is necessary for interpersonal interactions, and self-trust is crucial for personal satisfaction. If trust stays an abstract notion for you, you'll have no idea how to put it into practice to build trust in relationships or self-trust. So, in today's episode, I'll break down trust for you. To trust someone means to believe that you can count on them to behave in your best interests.

Because individuals regard themselves as 'one entity,' self-trust remains a nebulous concept for them. However, this perspective of oneself is incorrect. The nature of consciousness is similar to that of water. When gazing down on a river from above, you can observe how a major river typically splits into smaller ones. Your awareness, like the river, separates during the lifetime of a person.

Before trusting others, you need to trust yourself; here are a few ways you can build faith stronger:

Get to know the parts of yourself that you don't trust

This point is in line with the previous one. It must, however, be a hold point. If trust is built on knowing what someone's best interests are, you must first understand what those interests are. You must be willing to have closeness with someone to understand their best interests. Intimacy entails peering into someone, experiencing them, hearing them, and comprehending them to the fullest extent possible.

Be Compassionate

Everyone has a conversation with themselves. Your inner voice may tell you that your goal or aspirations are silly or impossible at times. When you screw up, say or do something you later regret, your inner voice usually has a lot to say – none of it pleasant or constructive. Take time to react, just as you would with a close friend when you find yourself in a loop of self-doubt and criticism.

Accept and embrace your vulnerability.

Vulnerability is frequently misinterpreted as a sign of weakness. However, if you hide your flaws, no one will ever know who you are. Instead of seeing it as a flaw, consider it an act of bravery. You let your guard down when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. You send the message to others that they can relax their guard. Being genuine and exhibiting vulnerability fosters strong bonds and true friendships. We need that attachment to feel safe and confident as social animals.

Begin working with the elements of yourself that are causing your self-doubt. This refers to the aspects of you at odds, disagreeing, battling, abandoning, repressing, rejecting, denying, disowning, or bulldozing each other in zero-sum games. When specific internal components become conscious of others and truly see, hear, feel, and comprehend them, their viewpoints and, as a result, their assessment of their own best interests frequently shift.

Trusting oneself is not something you can determine on the spur of the moment. It's an unavoidable side effect of steadily enhancing the internal relationships in your system. Just keep in mind that the better things become, the better they get.

More from me...

Trust the Niggle Podcast: Listen Here Where I interview other people who have learned to trust themselves and live out those nudges. (Living from Integrity feeeeels amazing by the way!)

Maybe I can help, listen, guide or confirm what you already know...

Trust Yourself Journals... Pick your Cover here I found profound relief in writing out my thoughts, ideas, wishes and plans. Keeping an honest journal has been a big part of my ongoing journey to trust myself... maybe it can be a start for you too.

Step by step dear one. ~CS

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