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Moka: The Canadian app that rounds up your purchases and invests the spare change.

And I think that's a brilliant idea!

If you are just here for the Link to earn $10.00, here you go and thank you! LINK

After I woke up with $350,000 worth of debt, it’s pretty safe to say I’m pretty damn careful with my money; and very open to ways to save/make money.

In fact, even before I found myself in that mess, I was an avid saver and very careful about who I spent my money on. My credit was killer and I’ve worked really diligently to get it back!

Now I have repaired credit, a lot of compassion and great boundaries when it comes to money.

So check this out! I’ve stumbled onto a Canadian App that rounds up my purchases and INVESTS the money for me!? What? Now, that’s an awesome automation idea!

My First Impressions

Is this legit? The skeptic in me raised an eyebrow. Who made it? How long has it been around? Is there a catch or hidden fees?

Fair questions right?

A quick google search let me know that it was indeed legit, was featured on the Drgaon's Den and *drum roll*, its proudly Canadian!

For more of their back story, check out their About Page.

Totally Legit

Here's where I really got excited. Their website boasts 750 K downloads, $14 M dollars raised, and 1000's of 5 Start reviews.

Not only can you round up and save and invest, they also what they call their Moka 360, which is advice for debt reduction, cash back perks and unbiased advice on all things money.

As I walked through the process of setting up the account, which was very simple to do (I did it from my cell phone in bed as part of my before-sleep-scroll); I found myself quite excited at the prospect of how much I would save and be able to invest with the "change" that I think nothing of.

There were only a few questions to answer, which the app's advisors use to invest my money for me. These questions got me thinking about how I have used my money and about how I would like to be using my money. Again, I felt a genuine excitement at the prospect of being better with my money, saving more and being able to start investing.

I'm a mom and an entrepreneur, so I feel like my money is always allocated in the month, and if the saving/investing isn't automatically debited out of the account, I will find something to spend it on.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and enrol into

  • Cash back perks and advice

  • Easy to use and mobile friendly

  • You can donate to Canadian Charity of your choice and donate that rounded up sum to that charity on the last Friday of the month.

  • Easy to interact dashboard and interface

Biggest Pro? Once I was set up and in, I could create multiple places to put my money. Investments, apply for a TSFA (super easy), and set up an emergency fund.


  • There is a small fee to use the app, but there are two options based on your budget.

  • Maybe you don't want to share your financial information on another app, but this has all of the encryption stuff you would expect from a legit financing app.

The Final Score

It's a yes for me.

Here's what I know.

Save $2.74 a day = extra $1000.00 per year.

Save $27.40 a day = extra $10,000.00 per year.

Imagine if you invested that into a TSFA (which you can open on the app!) per year with the app simply rounding up your spending?

Take a look. See if it would support your life and financial goals; and if you use the link, thank you! I make some small $ when you use the link I posted (at no cost to you).

Have you used this app? Would you? Leave me a comment below.

On a side note, if you’re into making your money work for you, saving more or investing, and if you would like a referral to a savvy financial planner, I know a very good one. Comment or send me an email and I’ll pass his name along.

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