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Stepping out in Love


I was first introduced to these advanced technologies over 10 years ago. Since then, I have had the privilege of having them in my life, in my home and enjoying the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) effects of them.

I will be honest that my understanding of what they do in all of its complexity is not clear… and for me, it doesn’t need to be. The effect is easily and clearly felt and seen. Increase mental clarity. More love. More light. No nightmares. A sense of protection, especially in the XOS service. A boost, when I’m tired. Clearer vision for making difficult decisions. A repelling of negative energies, essences and people. Faster healing affects of any other used modalities. Quite often my tribe, feels drawn to be around me especially when the technologies are near my physical form. Opportunities, income and positive experiences increase. Also, swift endings, transformations, changes and lessons. But we can’t have the light without dealing with our shadow self can we? And truthfully, it’s in the shadow work that I have found the most healing, and the most peace. My daughter has been raised around the technology her entire life, and she possesses a Innate and uncommon wisdom. I feel like the technologies allow me to access my own Akashic records, library and knowledge. The technologies have given me a sense of grounding combined with courage that comes from knowing. They have, allowed me to access more of my own love, find and reacquaint myself with my soul and be more peace with what, and all, that is. I am so incredibly grateful for the courageous individuals who continue to do the work to bring this technology to the planet. Who make it accessible for you and try, and I invite you to connect today to see if there’s a space in your life for the technology as well.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe in the Ripple Effect of Love and this is my way of paying it forward in the world. – Candice Smiley, Owner and Operator of


Three Unique Technologies and a Unique way of Getting them into the world one person a time. What’s in it for me? Nothing.. Nope, no affiliate or referral fee just a request that you pay it forward to if they work for you. Pay it forward in love. What does this mean? If you take a step of action with Ann and Bill and it means something to you and changes your life in a way that means something to you then we ask that you pay it forward, by sharing , contributing or reaching out to me and saying hey thank you , what can I do for you. It is about helping each other move forward together, in love. THE HARMONIZER

This beautiful energy/technology is Part of the Infinity Series and is in my home 24/7 for me and my daughter to help raise the vibration of everyone and everything in its path. It supports me being me each and ever day. Learn More THE IQUBES FROM QUANTUM SOUND

I have the Harmony IQube in my life. The image above is the Theta Love IQube I began with almost 10 years ago when I first met Bill and Ann. IN that moment I know I needed that technology and always will. Since then i upgraded to the Harmony and added the Infinity series and the remote QAS in to help balance my field and help me step into love (me) more and more each day. Learn More

A note for transparency: I do use my website to create income, and therefore there are affiliate links included in most of my posts, which means if you click/purchase, I may make a commission from that - at no cost to you. Check out myDISCLOSUREfor more. Thank you for supporting me!

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