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Self-Care Tips

A personal note from me...

The mountains have become my happy place. I have long felt a pull to the open road, often packing my daughter into a car and disappearing on long drives. I find so much solace in backcountry camping, walking long distances, dipping my toes in cold mountain streams and walking up the natural stairs that are waterfalls. I journal, often. I take baths with episome salts. I nap when I need it. Because self care isn't a luxury, can't be a luxury; even in a world that prizes exhaustion.

Are you feeling a little under-served when it comes to self-care? Taking care of oneself might be hampered by various factors, including family duties, employment, social obligations, and more.

We have gathered some self-care tips for you to have a little time and release negative hormones.

Make sleep a priority

Sleep is almost always a component of the solution to maintaining your health and well-being. Getting enough good-quality sleep keeps your immune system in top shape, making it easier to battle diseases like the new coronavirus. There are components of the body's immunological response that only happen when you sleep.

Work out

We all know that exercise is beneficial to our health, but do we understand its usefulness? Training daily may benefit you both physically and emotionally, improving your mood and lowering tension and anxiety, as well as assisting you in losing weight. Of course, going to the gym every day may be difficult, so try to add other workouts into your routine, such as walking, badminton, or yoga, which may be easier to fit into your schedule.

Eat Intuitively

Consider intuitive eating rather than imposing stringent restrictions on yourself about which foods are forbidden. It's not so much a diet as it is a method of eating that focuses on providing your body what it requires when it requires it. Intuitive eating does not impose any food restrictions or require calorie management.

Go on a short trip

A self-care trip may have a significant impact on your life. Even if you're not extremely anxious, taking a weekend away occasionally may help you unplug, relax, and revitalize. These self-care excursions don't have to be expensive; go to the next town over, take in the views, or camp nearby. The objective is to take a break from your routine and do something special for yourself.


Self-care does not have to be a goal to achieve. It may be about making room for the important things in your life and getting rid of the things that drain your energy. Take a few moments after a particularly grueling day to reflect. Write down your feelings and maintain a journal for yourself.

Make positive self-talk a habit

Positive self-talk can help you celebrate your everyday accomplishments. It may seem strange at first, but your brain will drink up all of that self-care goodness, and research shows that it can help you start to shift your thoughts and feelings more positively.

Listen to music

According to a definition from the University of Minnesota, music therapy is music to assist people to cope with physical or emotional requirements. It's also been shown to help those with mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, and boost their self-esteem. You probably don't need scientific research to know that blaring your favorite tune will make you happy.


Finding spare time may be difficult for any of us. However, it's critical to schedule regular self-care time. Moments of alone may help you think about the best methods to go forward in your life while also keeping you grounded. Friendships might also make you feel more connected and comfortable.

What are your favourite self care tips? I would love to know! Post a comment below!


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