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A personal note from me...

Are you as mindful as you would like to be in your own life?

It is something that I am working on every single day. Journalling helps me to settle in and lean into life more fully. Be more present. I love how it feels when my energy grounds down into the moment and I am fully present with it. I feel at that moment my capacity for creativity knows no bounds, I can sense more intuitively, I feel, in a word, alive. Fully alive. And I love that feeling.

How do you practice mindfulness?


The practice of mindfulness involves concentrating your mind on the present situation and accepting it without judgment. Mindfulness is currently being researched scientifically, and it has been discovered to be an important factor in stress reduction and general happiness.

We can go beyond coping and managing with mindfulness. The strategies assist us in seeing the world in new ways, growing and flourishing, and living a more compassionate and joyful life.

Mindfulness practitioners claim that it has a significant impact on how they view life. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, strengthen your immune system, help you manage pain, help you break free from bad habits and addictions, relieve sleeplessness, lower blood pressure, and even change the structure and function of your brain in good ways, according to research.

Mindfulness and Health

Mindfulness learners had considerably lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure than those who taught progressive muscle relaxation, implying that mindfulness might assist persons at risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure.

As people get older, they lose some cognitive flexibility and short-term memory. However, mindfulness may even decrease mental deterioration even in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Cell aging happens naturally when cells divide several times during their lives but can also be accelerated by illness or stress. Mindfulness meditation appears to affect proteins called telomeres, situated at the ends of chromosomes, and function to preserve them from aging.

Mindfulness and Psychology

In the latest report, researchers discovered that undergraduates with better mindfulness scores were less stressed, both mentally and physically. Mindfulness appears to aid in the management of everyday stress and the prevention of future adversity.

Happiness Several recent research has demonstrated mindfulness's importance in regulating our happiness perceptions. And pleasure isn't only a wonderful feeling; it also protects you from sickness (morbidity) and even death (mortality). Maintaining a happy attitude is critical to staying healthy.

Basic Techniques to Achieve Mindfulness

It isn't easy to calm down and notice details in today's fast-paced environment. Try to use all of your senses to perceive your surroundings – touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. Take the time to smell, taste, and genuinely enjoy your favorite cuisine, for example.

Keep your focus on the present. Make an effort to pay attention to whatever you do with an open, receptive, and discerning mind. Simple pleasures may bring you delight. Accept yourself as you are. Treat yourself with the same respect that you would a good friend.

Keep your attention on your breathing. Try to sit down, take a deep breath, and close your eyes when you're having negative thoughts. Concentrate on your breath as it enters and exits your body. For a while, sit and breathe.

Mindfulness activities are simple and maybe done anywhere and at any time. According to research, using your senses outside is very advantageous.

For roughly six months, try to practice mindfulness every day. Mindfulness may become second nature to you over time. Consider it a promise to reconnect with and care for oneself.


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Trust Yourself Journals... Pick your Cover here I found profound relief in writing out my thoughts, ideas, wishes and plans. Keeping an honest journal has been a big part of my ongoing journey to be more mindful... maybe it can be a start for you too.

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