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Mental Health and Well-Being; Tips and Positive Affirmations

A personal note from me...

There is no shame in asking for help or in admitting "I am not ok." It is ok to not be ok, and to not know how to be ok again. I know, because I have been there. I have been "very not ok", and I know intimately the fear, grief, guilt, shame and fear that comes from just admitting that to yourself. If you are surrounded by people who make you feel bad for admitting you are not ok, find someone safe to talk about it with.

I was not ok for a very long time... It can be hard to get help, but it can also be even harder to stay in that place of silently, daily not being ok...

----> Read On!

"Psychological well-being" refers to a person's emotional well-being and general functioning. It's a wonderful sentiment that appears to be backed up by research. Well-being—either being in a good mood or acknowledging that you have a good life—benefits others in our social sphere, whether we're talking about our families, businesses, schools, or society at large.

When we're happy, we're better relationship partners, more kind and helpful in our communities and more productive workplaces. Mental Health and well-being go hand in hand. Good mental health indicates positive well-being, which leads you to understand the psychology of both.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your mental health and well-being:

Looking for Red Flags

Identifying important ideas or physical sensations that are likely to contribute to your cycle of anguish and emotions of being overwhelmed is one strategy to handle moments of discomfort. Our thoughts fuel these negative emotional spirals ("Why can't I concentrate? "), feelings (frustration, concern, grief), bodily sensations (stress, upset stomach, jitters), and actions (such as constantly observing or recalling an uncomfortable scenario).

Managing your Stress Levels

Prioritize your sleep and practice proper sleep hygiene to build a strong foundation for your mental health and well-being. Eating healthy and exercising such as yoga and meditation can calm you and improve your overall well-being. Whenever you feel stressed, always look for things that make you happy. Find something you like to do or watch a good TV series.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs)

Doing good for others reminds you that you can make a difference in the world. Giving to others makes you think more favorably and makes you feel better. An easy method to increase your psychological well-being is to help a neighbor in need, volunteer for community activity, or raise money for a charity.

Expressing Gratitude

Show your gratitude by sending letters to individuals telling them how much you appreciate them or journaling about what you are grateful for. It will become second nature to be appreciative of all you do. You'll realize that you may be thankful for the small things, such as the beauty of a sunset, and the major things, like a new job or a visit from a friend. Being thankful will help sustain positive well-being.

Relationship Development

Loneliness harms your mental and physical well-being. Being in the company of others, on the other hand, isn't the answer. Instead, it's critical to cultivate strong bonds with others. Maintaining psychological wellness also need strong social support. If you don't have a support system, take measures to meet additional people. Participate in community events, get to know your neighbors, and reconnect with old acquaintances.

What's the gist?

Start small and attempt one or two ways to improve your mental health, such as writing down a couple of your strengths or joyful experiences. You will see the impact of these habits on your optimism and general mental health over time. Practicing these tips promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

A personal note from me...

There is a mental health crisis happening right now... If you or someone you know needs help, please click this link for a list of Mental Help Resources by Country.

Trust the Niggle Podcast: Listen Here Where I interview other people who have learned to trust themselves and live out those nudges. (Living from Integrity feeeeels amazing by the way!)

Maybe I can help, listen, guide or confirm what you already know...

Trust Yourself Journals... Pick your Cover here I found profound relief in writing out my thoughts, ideas, wishes and plans. Keeping an honest journal has been a big part of my ongoing journey to trust myself... maybe it can be a start for you too.

Step by step dear one. ~CS

A note for transparency: I do use my website and social platforms to create income, and therefore there are affiliate links included, which means if you click/purchase, I may make a commission from that - at no cost to you. Check out my DISCLOSURE for more. Thank you for supporting me!

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