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Journaling and its Benefits

For me...

Journaling has been a great source of comfort for me throughout my healing journey. I have used the practice to record angry bitter thoughts... and spew forth the things I would never have the courage to say. Or because I do not want to invite the karma for doing so into my life!

I have used journaling as a way to record those moments that mean the most to me... sweet moments, tender moments, unforgettable moments that will inevitably fade with time.

I have used it as a place to dream dreams, remember ideas and to plan all of the plans... especially when nothing makes sense yet.


You may have kept a diary beneath your mattress when you were a teenager. It was a safe place to share your troubles and anxieties without fear of being judged or punished. Probably, getting all of those ideas and feelings out of your mind and onto paper felt nice.

Journaling is no longer a relic of the past, nor is it restricted to those of a specific age. It's something you must do immediately. Yes, it is correct. Journaling may help you accomplish more than keep track of your memories or express yourself. It's beneficial to your health.

Here are a few reasons why you need to start journaling today:

Achieve your objectives

You can better record your objectives by utilizing your notebook to jot down your goals. This will keep you accountable and remind you of what you need to do to achieve your goals. Make certain to be specific.

Keep track of your thoughts

Diaries assist us in organizing and comprehending our ideas. You can keep track of everyday occurrences, thoughts, and feelings related to specific experiences or viewpoints. Your journal entries can be tagged and archived in Journey.

Cope with Stress and Anxiety

Before you descend into rumination and tension, journaling allows you to work through your nervous sensations and compulsive anxieties. Putting your ideas on paper can assist you in identifying stress-inducing thoughts and beliefs that are reality distortions.

Improves Sleep Quality

Who has hardly slept in the middle of the night, worrying about undone tasks?

Research indicated that worrying about unfinished future chores before bedtime relates considerably to people's trouble falling asleep. The study shows that writing a detailed to-do list for around 5 minutes before night will help you sleep better. The research participants fell asleep faster when the list was more explicit.

Allow yourself to think about yourself

Journaling may assist us in pausing, taking a step back, and reflecting on ourselves. We might write about our thankfulness or what we accomplished today in our diaries. Daily contemplation could also be done before going to bed at night. In a journal, we may reflect on our lives and consider how we've changed and what we might do to improve ourselves.

Makes you Creative

Writing a diary is an excellent method to express yourself. Everyone can be creative; most of us have yet to recognize it. The best place to begin discovering your inner creativity is in your notebook. Anything that occurs to the mind should be written down. Allow your imaginations to go wild and document them in Journey.

How to Start a Journal

Always have a pen and paper with you. You may then jot down your feelings whenever you choose. Your smartphone may also be used to keep a journal. Every day, make a little time to write. This will make it easier for you to keep up with your journaling. Your diary doesn't have to be organized in any particular way. It's your personal space where you may talk about and design anything you want to express your emotions. Allow your thoughts and words to flow freely.

Much love. CS


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