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How to Manage Stress?

A personal note from me...

Please remember that there is no shame in asking for help. So many of us, me included, have no idea how to hit the "pause" button in our lives to make space for stress relief activities or healing work or those things that reduce our stress. It can feel like a selfish indulgence to take that time for "myself".

When I am most stressed it is usually because I have said yes, when I should have said no. I didn't set or keep a boundary or I have not paid attention to where my time was spent and now I am "spent". In the past I would keep up the pattern. Now, I love myself enough to hit the STOP button, to PAUSE, to RE-evaluate, RE-calibrate, RE-adjust the priority...

1) Journal the thought, stress, frustrations.

2) Make a list of stressors

3) Evaluate the top stressors

4) Make a plan

5) Delegate or Delete what I can

6) Forgive myself

7) Re-negotiate contracts and agreements as needed

8) Move forward

Stress is a natural part of life, and it may help you get things done. Even severe stress caused by a major disease, job loss, a family tragedy, or a traumatic life event can be a normal part of life. You may feel low or nervous for a period, which is natural. The key is to know how to manage and control your stressful emotions.

Here are some strategies for dealing with stress, reducing its negative effects, and even harnessing your everyday stress to make you stronger.


Exercising to activate happy hormones

"Exercise isn't about hurting your body; it's about appreciating it and making yourself feel wonderful," explains Stef Williams, personal trainer, and inventor of the fitness app We Glow.

Many people feel that working vast muscle groups in a rhythmic, repeated manner is the most effective exercise method. The finest examples are walking and running, but others prefer more intense routines. Find what you love to do and activate your dopamine levels to cope with the underlying stresses.

Seeing a Therapist

Another excellent technique to reduce stress is to talk about it with a professional through counseling. Speaking with a specialist will help you break free from the claustrophobic stress you've been experiencing. A therapist listens to you and enables you to cope with your worries.

It's like a gym for your emotional and mental environment; it's a place where you may learn more about yourself. You can open up to someone about your worries, traumas, and life without the fear of being judged, and this is a way to walk out of your stress.

Making Time for Yourself

Life nowadays is so hectic that we need to take a break from time to time to relax and unwind. Examine your life for little opportunities to do so. If you have work stress, Break down large projects into smaller chunks. Don't try to respond to all 100 emails; instead, respond to a handful of them. Try waking up early and walking down the lane to get some fresh air. Take a 10-minute break from work and watch the sunset while sipping tea.

To give your mind a break from stress, schedule some genuine leisure. If you're someone who enjoys setting goals, you might find this difficult at first. But if you stay with it, you'll come to like these times. You can relax by listening to your favorite music, saying a prayer, or meditating. Remember to preserve your sense of humor. Laughter is one of the most effective ways to relax.

Take it easy on yourself.

Accept that no matter how hard you strive, you will never achieve perfection. You also don't have complete control over your life. So, do yourself a favor and avoid overestimating your abilities. As your life evolves, your stress levels might increase as you meet new responsibilities; however, there's always a way to manage them. Don't keep overthinking how stress can harm you but think of ways to control it efficiently.

What about you? How do you choose to bust your stress?



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Step by step dear one. ~CS

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