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Growth Mindset

A personal note from me...

Applying this idea of praising for the grow mindset, for the effort required, not the "inborn" ability has completely changed the way I am applying praise in raising Inara and communicating with Mark. Thinking back on my own life, I can see how being praised "because" did not set me up to establish the habits and mindsets to create success... which we know has less to do what we are "born" with and rather the habits we build, the skills we learn and the consistent effort we apply.


The concept of a growth mindset isn't a new one. Carol Dweck and her colleagues conducted research that led to this conclusion. Their study focused on children. Adults, too, may benefit from the notion.

People who have a growth mentality aren't usually born with it. Kids and adults might perceive that situations that are difficult today may not be so difficult in the future.

A growth mindset is always changing and working to improve, develop, and hone all innate qualities and gifts and those gained along the way. With time, effort, and practice, everyone else with a growth mindset may acquire and enhance skills and talents to do things previously believed unattainable. You don't simply accept it; you live it with a true development attitude.

People with a fixed mindset believe that their talents are what they have been and will not change. They realized that no matter how much they strive, their abilities will not improve.

Mindsets do not have to be rigid. At times, individuals may have a progressive mentality, while they may have a fixed mindset at other times. They may take diverse approaches to certain problems. And their perspective may shift over time.

Benefits of Having a Growth Mindset

People who have a growth mentality are more inclined to accept difficulties, utilize feedback, and learn from their errors and mistakes rather than dwelling on them. Learning new things is fun for someone with a development mentality. As a result, they will embrace obstacles, persevere, and be motivated to attain their objectives. People may be more creative due to this since they are more inclined to seek solutions with zeal.

Instead of being held down by limiting beliefs, a growth mindset allows you to fulfill your greatest potential and stay true to your principles. Everything is possible when you have this kind of freedom. It also gives you the guts and determination to try, fail, and try again.

People who enjoy this kind of freedom think they have the power to influence not just their own lives but the lives of others as well. They do not consider things to be static.

We've all had those feelings that we'll never grow perfect about something or that we'll always fail at certain jobs. People who learn and understand differently, on the other hand, are more likely to experience failures than others.

They are frequently aware when they aren't performing as well as others and may doubt their capacity to improve. They may believe they are being judged or chastised. This might make children feel uneasy or cautious, stifling their development.

People's attitudes toward problems and how they feel about themselves are greatly influenced by their development mentality.

Both fixed and growth mindsets result from a lifetime of observations, experiences, and knowledge. You may create a growth mentality through practice, commitment, and effort. Allowing yourself to fail, getting out of your comfort zone, and not allowing ego to get in the way are all things you should do to avoid blaming circumstances or people for your mistakes.


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