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Income Disclosure Statement

Hey!  We all know that get-rich-quick doesn’t exist and that’s not what I am offering here.  While I find this to be a fun and simple way to make a part-time income that supports my lifestyle, I can in no way claim that making money with Modere or as a Social Marketer or Affiliate Marketer is easy, fast or without effort, time, skill and work. 


I have included for you the Income Disclosure Statement of this company I’m sharing with you here, and ask that you consider it as you make a decision to do this.  Its really important to me that if we work together or you decided to this independently that you decide to do it for all the right reasons and not because it looked “too good to be true.”  


I love what I do, but find the work, time and effort to make the income I do to be rewarding and challenging in a good way.  Perhaps you will too.




It all starts with the customer. If we provide them with the best experience possible, it creates the greatest opportunity for each of us. Our compensation model is built to support the behaviours, that define the experience, that create the value.

Our focus at Modere is about attracting, retaining and growing customers. We support that value proposition by providing a plan that rewards those entrepreneurs who have incredible abilities to attract customers and the drive to build strong sales organizations.

The details of the Modere Compensation Plan may appear complex, but it is simplified by focusing on three behaviors: Acquire Customers. Become a Team Leader. Develop Team Leaders. Focus on these key activities and you will excel with Modere.

Taken from: Modere CA Compensation Plan


Generating meaningful compensation as a Social Marketer requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is not a get-rich-quick program; there are no guarantees of financial success, and results will vary widely among participants. To qualify for any bonus, you must meet all requirements of the Modere Compensation Plan.”


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