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When I was left with over 350K of bad debt, a ruined credit score and reputation.  My self confidence and self trust was shattered.  I found myself swiftly assaulted with a myriad of legal hoopla, overwhelming conversations, and a lot of how-did-I-get-here and what will you do now.  No one I knew had ever dealt with this level of embezzlement, fraud or situation. 

To read the full story: HERE 

This campaign is born from a promise I made to myself when the whole mess began. 

A three part promise; first, to myself - to not give up and to do what I had to to recover, to heal and to thrive (the best revenge is a life well lived!); and second, that one day I would make it right with anyone and everyone I who paid a price for or in my recovery journey; and third, I would honour and thank the ones who stood with me or believed in me or showed me grace and kindness despite of where, who or how I was.


This campaign is the fulfilment of that promise. 

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