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I will tell you the truth.


I have always had the gift of discernment, an intuition or knowing about things unknown and unseen.  Even as a child...  I've kept this gift mostly to myself, reading cards or "tuning in to discern" only for friends or myself, quietly honing my skills and learning to trust what messages are coming through. 

Without conscious thought or knowing I've used this gift throughout my career; on sales calls, business interactions, in my marketing style and copyrighting skills.  Why do I only call that person I "know" will say yes?  How do I know the words to use?  How did that perfect Mind Map just appear?  I've often been asked how I "know" what to say or why conversations that convert seem to be effortless for me.   

Now, I'm ready share my gift of discernment with the world.  I align most strongly with goddesses like Kali, Bridget or Pele.  Change can be scary.  It's my strong sense that once we tune in and share the "intuitive hits" from the reading, you will nod your head, and say things like, "I knew that...".  

It takes courage to book a session like this.  As a Reiki Master, this will be a reiki session as I bring in Reiki energy to support you to hear the message fully.  I bring in Ho’oponono energy to clear and hold space as we move through the readings.

Oracle Readings

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